Our Mentors


We can give two gifts to our children : 'Roots to grow and wings to fly'
Each one of us play a pivotal role in the prolific growth of the school and the holistic development of the students.
'Freedom to grow' is the motto of the School. The School functions on the 'Early Childhood Care and Education Programme' as a part of its curriculum. The motive of adopting this methodology is to provide stress free, activity - based education to our children, in their formative years for their all round development.
The aim of Shivalik Army Pre-Primary School is to impart quality education to the children . Our emphasis is on innovative and interesting learning for the students ,with the prime focus on 'Inclusive Education'. This encompasses Acadamics as well as personal grooming. They are taught about the basic mannerisms, health - hygiene, cleaniliness of self and surroundings, all of these help in moulding the personality of a child.
Our teachers attend various training programmes to equip themselves with the latest and more interactive teaching methodology .

Patience, Positivity and perseverance are the skills which are used by the teaching and the non teaching staff in their daily interaction with the students to provide a happy environment in the school.
I firmly believe, "Alone we can do so little, together we can achieve so much"

Ruma V Mundhar